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The Author

Born in the U.K. in 1981, eldest of four siblings, Thomas Wadsworth grew up in the small market town of Penistone. He studied at the University of Manchester, where he received a BSc. (hons.) degree in Geography in 2003. Over the next ten years, he rambled across all populated continents and worked as a travel agent in the UK and then in Australia, where he met his wife.

After getting a taste for writing, through his travel journals, he returned to Manchester with the hope of getting a more creative job. He researched the careers market and found a superb position as…a travel agent. That was not what he had in mind. However, with money in his pocket, he signed up for a creative writing course through the Open University.

Since then, Thomas has been published by Momaya Press, the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition, Aesthetica Magazine, Literally Stories, and Audio Arcadia. To purchase any of the anthologies in which his stories appear, please visit the Short Stories page for the links.

Thomas lives back in Adelaide, Australia, with his wife and son. When he’s not writing or being a family man, he’s a travel agent. He’s also got a novel on the go. For more information about that, please visit the Works in Progress page.

To get in touch please visit the Contact page.

You can also follow him via: 1447083337_facebook.

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