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Since 2018, I’ve been writing a novel called THE WARM BATH OF OBLIVION, based on my short story “Third Closest to the Sun”. It’s finished and I’m currently looking for representation.
Eighteen-year-old, undocumented immigrant Eri Yohannes hopes for a British passport and to feel a connection to Leeds society. But when she overstays her visa, her live-in-landlord sexually blackmails her for his secrecy. Horrified with her lot, she seeks alternative salvation offered by a controversial pseudo-religion called the Soul Centre, whose leader promises life after death in the form of an angel. With support from the only friend who knows her truth — Panda, a depressed twenty-one-year-old gaming addict who camps outside an internet café — Eri must to decide whether to step into the light and bare all to the law, but risk deportation and death back in her home country, or stay in the dark and suffer the silent abuse.
THE WARM BATH OF OBLIVION is adult commercial fiction with a hint of grounded sci-fi, aimed at eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds.


I’ve had a number of short stories published by various presses. Please visit Literally Stories and read “Third Closest to the Sun” for free. You can also read “The Second Door” for free via this link. Further down, there are links to purchase an anthology containing my work to support those publications.
WITHERSHINS appears in the Momaya Short Story Review 2017 – Utopia Distopia, published by Momaya Press. This is my dystopian short story about a woman’s stance against a radical law to slow population growth. It is available to purchase through Amazon.
THE SECOND DOOR, winner of the inugural Marion Libraries short story competition, Life in Shorts, is published in Class, the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition’s 2015 anthology. Three hundred years after humanity discovers what happens after death, two young boys plan their early exit through the Second Door. Available to purchase through Amazon and Trencavel.
ENDEAVOUR is published in Aesthetica’s Creative Writing Annual 2016. On board the Endeavour, on route to a new home, and in spite of Earth’s pending expiry date, a mother tries to convince her husband that they should take the last blue-planet bound vessel. Available to purchase through Aesthetica Magazine in paperback.
THIRD CLOSEST TO THE SUN, winner of the Audio Arcadia Short Story Prize, 2015, is published in On Another Plane: a Collection of Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories. As the only survivor of a plane crash, Daniel seeks an explanation at the Soul Centre: an organisation who can map the route to the Divine. In exchange for his money, Daniel receives his answer inside a small, black bottle. Available to purchase through Amazon in paperback and ebook, Lulu in paperback and ebook, and through Barnes and Noble and Kobo.


I am an author of commercial and speculative fiction.
Born in the U.K. in 1981, eldest of four siblings, I grew up in the small market town of Penistone. I studied at the University of Manchester, where I received a BSc. (hons.) degree in Geography in 2003. Over the next ten years, I rambled across all populated continents and worked as a travel agent in the UK and then in Australia, where I met my wife.
After getting a taste for writing through my travel journals, I returned to Manchester with the hope of getting a more creative job. I researched the careers market and found a superb position as … a travel agent. That was not what I had in mind. However, with money in my pocket, I signed up for a creative writing course through Open University, and since then, I’ve been published by Momaya Press, the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition, Aesthetic Magazine, Literally Stories, and Audio Arcadia. I’m also a member of WritersSA.
I live in Adelaide, Australia, with my wife and two children. 


You can contact me at thomaswadsworthauthor[at]gmail[dot]com.
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